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Cure February 08 2009 13:16:44
The sooner we have a new guild, the sooner we start recruiting, the sooner we actually get somewhere
Cure February 08 2009 13:16:17
Ppl want to raid. People don't wanna sit around for weeks making up their minds, by then we have new content and we're well behind
Cure February 08 2009 13:15:39
The longer we take to make our minds up the more disheartened members get.
Cure February 08 2009 13:14:55
We are never all going to agree on things, we just need to try and if it doesn't work, try something different. EX. Mark becomes officer... he works out he doesn't like it, so someone applys to take his spot... etc
Patricka February 08 2009 13:14:26
No critism of you intended pes. you did a decent job for a long time. but if we're getting another chance, may as well take our time over it Smile
Cure February 08 2009 13:13:56
So Cap can be GM... then we can have some authority... Yes officers should lead raids. Otherwise it'll turn out like Def did, with Pes getting all the stress, and the majority of otehrs having an easy ride
Cure February 08 2009 13:12:59
Ye, but how we supposed to make decisions without anyone in charge? Not everyone is going to decide. Me and Cap applied for GM... the post then turned into a chit chat post... no one else applied
Pesmerga February 08 2009 13:12:38
Inclined to agree with Pat. Definitive was good, but it was formed hastily, and maybe my own downfall was attempting to do it all, GM, Raid Lead etc. That said, I at least like to think it was partial democracy =/
ceildh February 08 2009 13:08:54
but we need a gm who will run how the whole guild wants it to be run not just someone saying ok this my guild, my baby im doing it this way ... Pfft
Patricka February 08 2009 13:07:00
d an interest in a sort of democracy setup - would be a nice theme to start a new guild on. Rather than sort of inevitably following the cycle of disband -> reform -> disband -> reform...
Patricka February 08 2009 13:05:48
Well yes, indeed. Are officers expected to raid lead? This is exactly the sort of thing that needs to be decided before deciding who the officers even are. Sort of why i did the whole 5 post think to start off with. That, and because a few people expresse
Cure February 08 2009 13:03:25
Ask who is willing to lead raids cause thats what officers will be needed to do.
Cure February 08 2009 13:02:40
I've seen suggestions for GMs, but those ppl aren't interested. Cap and I are the only interested ones... so Cap can have it. I just want guild up
Cure February 08 2009 13:01:55
No one as far as I am aware decided Pes was to take over Defintive, he did it off his own back and he did a brill job.
Cure February 08 2009 13:01:15
Me and Cap are the only two to have applied for GM. I said to him he could be... No one else is interested. No one has applied. and I have passed my app for Cap...
Patricka February 08 2009 13:01:04
the more hastily it's done, the sooner it'll fall apart...
Cure February 08 2009 13:00:28
I love what you've done Pat, but we are ass farting around. The longer this takes the more ppl become disheartened.
ceildh February 08 2009 12:56:51
im back online now woot !!
Zentropa February 08 2009 12:46:18
hey guys... i see your all busy little bees... im sorry i havent been on forum much.. i have alot to read up on i see Grin
Kwanda February 08 2009 12:44:48
also not in the Dragon anymore
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19-02-2009 17:34
ok, going to register then Grin

19-02-2009 14:39
Contezeppelin, read the notice on the front-page lol

19-02-2009 14:08
no one in here for day's now, hmm

13-02-2009 08:12

12-02-2009 23:56
looks like you aint clicked the link in your confirmation email yet

12-02-2009 23:39
For god sake someone approve me on new forum so i can see it. Grin

12-02-2009 18:32
Alex <3 The new forum is up, we are all there now Smile

12-02-2009 16:38
Taxi home tonight as im being a lazy arse, oh and getting beers in on the way woot.

12-02-2009 16:18
i'm staying until i see your tattoo. i'm interested : p

12-02-2009 15:41
I think im going to be left on this forums myself /cry

12-02-2009 15:38

12-02-2009 15:18
Is there a new web site? give info plx Smile

12-02-2009 14:56
idd... come join us Smile <3<3

12-02-2009 14:33
and esdras and sabnab <3

12-02-2009 14:32
Jake come back to us Smile caline also come back !