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Cure February 08 2009 14:27:49
and officer nominations deadline... wednesday 23:00?
Mellony February 08 2009 14:26:51
Deadlines have been setup here and here
Cure February 08 2009 14:25:06
He hasn't been online for how long... and how would it look to new members having a lvl 70 GM?
esdras February 08 2009 14:23:07
I say spam for GM (seriously)
esdras February 08 2009 14:22:16
SPAM <3<3<3
Cure February 08 2009 14:20:41
When is the cut off for nominations for GM and officers? And when will polls start? Cap and I applied for GM aa couple days ago already... so the idea has been out there a while alrdy
esdras February 08 2009 14:16:38
TBH ill go wherever Sab goes as long as there some kind of friend rank as i think that's all im good for Shock
ceildh February 08 2009 14:07:30
im happy with either tbh an alt guuld or alts in the guild Smile and yeh /definitive is there for a reason so why not keeping tabs on alts Smile
Patricka February 08 2009 14:04:54
I'm inclined to agree with Mek. After all, /definitive was created for a reason Smile
ceildh February 08 2009 14:03:13
lol mell
Mektheb February 08 2009 14:01:41
Alt guilds work fine i mean your all in /defintive anyhow so can easy check up on people... Smile but still my idea then Pfft
Mellony February 08 2009 13:58:06
i'd rather deepfry my head than be GM Grin
ceildh February 08 2009 13:55:32
mell wheres ur gm app?
Mellony February 08 2009 13:53:13
alt guilds rarely work....
esdras February 08 2009 13:48:14
I dont like that idea, i have 2 alts who i play a lot so would seem weird plus if your gonna raid and looking for people cans see who is on playing an alt etc. Just make 2 alts per guild lol Wink
Mektheb February 08 2009 13:46:45
nty more ideas like keep alts out of the guild and make a its better to c who what where
Mektheb February 08 2009 13:36:11
Wel you can always put my name infront ofc no biggy Smile, but if i gotta choose between GM or raid assistand (officer) ill go for the officer spot in this case id like to keep it in the famelie and put CAP infront for gm..and shar for assistand (and got ple
Patricka February 08 2009 13:33:42
Food time. WTB interesting posts when i get back!!! Grin
Patricka February 08 2009 13:32:53
no worries sab. we still all <3 you Pfft
ceildh February 08 2009 13:32:18
yeh sorry think that was me as i wud nvr put myself forward too much of a nab for that but i did want to point out who i think wud be good for it sorry for confusing the poll :s
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19-02-2009 17:34
ok, going to register then Grin

19-02-2009 14:39
Contezeppelin, read the notice on the front-page lol

19-02-2009 14:08
no one in here for day's now, hmm

13-02-2009 08:12

12-02-2009 23:56
looks like you aint clicked the link in your confirmation email yet

12-02-2009 23:39
For god sake someone approve me on new forum so i can see it. Grin

12-02-2009 18:32
Alex <3 The new forum is up, we are all there now Smile

12-02-2009 16:38
Taxi home tonight as im being a lazy arse, oh and getting beers in on the way woot.

12-02-2009 16:18
i'm staying until i see your tattoo. i'm interested : p

12-02-2009 15:41
I think im going to be left on this forums myself /cry

12-02-2009 15:38

12-02-2009 15:18
Is there a new web site? give info plx Smile

12-02-2009 14:56
idd... come join us Smile <3<3

12-02-2009 14:33
and esdras and sabnab <3

12-02-2009 14:32
Jake come back to us Smile caline also come back !