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The Ranks
Hi guys. This post is to explain the guild ranks and clear up any confusion in them.

Inactive/mute - This is for those who warn us before an absence, or who we think will be returning to us. If you find yourself here, please let us know and we will put you to the correct rank.

Alt - Alts of Members, Please keep them active, we reserve the right to boot inactive alts.

Friend - Got a friend who just enjoys been social and playing with you? Ask to have them brought in. Make sure they do understand at friend rank they have NO priority in raid spots. And if they do happen to go, NO priority on loot against raiders. If you are a friend and wish to joing the main guild, feel free to apply. Lootwise, friends have priority over alts.

On Trial - People who have applied and been accepted start at this rank, they have two weeks to prove themselves, if after two weeks or even before are found to be right or wrong, they can be promoted or removed. Or in certain cases, and if they accept the decision, stay as a friend. Be active and helpful in raid to ensure a spot in the guild! Lootwise, raiders will have priority over this rank. We reserve the right to extend the trial period if we have not seen you raiding or had enough time to make an accurate decision.

Raider - The main body of the guild, most of the guild will be here, and it is as high as most go.

Tech Support - Special Rank for Mellony and his alts.

Officer - Help run the guild. Good people to ask if you wonder what is going on, also know a lot about the game, good people to ask questions about. Also have access to guild bank, lead raids etc.

Guild Master - Hello. Me. I will do my best to help anyone who requires it.
Edited by Mellony on 26-07-2008 16:38
Updated, removed 'Class Mentors' and 'Raid Leader' ranks, added a few additional notes to other ranks, also edited ‘inactive’ rank to include the new mute addition to that rank.
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