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Death Knight Application
ClassGrineath Knight
I Can respecc if needed
Professions and Level: Mining (136) Skinning (225)(still leveling them up)
Armoury Link for your Character:
Admin (Answer YES or NO)

Do you share you account with anyone? : No
English speaking ? : Yes

Requirements: (You will need to obtain these in the next 2-3 days)
Do you have Teamspeak? (you will not require voice, just to listen) :
I have Teamspeak on my computer.

Our Raid times are mainly between 20:00 - 23:00 Servertime on weekdays and during the day or night on weekends. Does this suit you ?
How Regularly do you play (average Hours / Times Per day)

Monday 3-5 Hours
Tuesday 3-5 Hours
Wednesday 2-4 Hours
Thursday 3-5 Hours
Friday 2-4 Hours
Saturday 2-3 Hours
Sunday 4-6 Hours

Experience with instances:
What Raids / Instances have you experienced in WoW with this Character :

Sarth(10man) Naxxramas (10man plague and arachnid quarter) VoA(10man and 25man)
And with other characters (please state which) :

(BWL,MC,ZG,Kara,ZA) on my hunter which is now my alt. (Netcool)
Any special points of note with regard to this character? (Attunments etc) :

I am attuened to MC and thats about it.

About You: (Please note, the more info you give the better we can judge if you are what we are looking for.)

I am a fan of Death Knight tanking, I have experience as a tanker also as a warrior, I am a friendly player and I am looking for a good and fun guild with nice members and also get me some good gear here and there while raiding.
What's your real life Age?

Why you wish to join the guild and what would you have to offer?

I can offer that I am a patient person, I am friendly and I am also an Active player.
What other guilds have you been in and what were your reasons for leaving?

on this server i am currently in the "Bama Knights" This was the first guild i joined on this server since migrating here. I did not really like this guild too much as its raid sign ups are also a bit messy.
How did you hear about Definitive?

I saw someone recruiting in the trade chat.
A little bit about yourself such as where your from what sort of person you are: (Time spent on a response to a question like this will reflect your attitude so answer well)
I am from Norway, a friendly person to all, I am patient with others, my main interests are music,drawing and motor cross. I am open minded and a quick learner. I am looking for a guild that has a friendly community and which is also doing well in completeing raid content. I hope I made a good impression and that you will consider inviting me to the guild. : )
From checking out the armory (if it is up to date) the gear is quite nice for tanking. Lil worried why u have a ring with block rating on it. put i am sure u have ur reasons. Also lil worried bout duel wielding with every little expectise, also on tht point for tanking i would recommend tht u take the Nerves of Cold Steel talent as it benefits r greater than tier 3 and onwards in unholy unless u go all the way.
It's nice to c a dk with the red sword of courage.... r main tank will "love" u
And i shall no Know fear


Hobbo wrote:
It's nice to c a dk with the red sword of courage.... r main tank will "love" u

Old news Hobsie. I've got better now Pfft

Not a bad application Iskald. Smile Your gear is decent for starting Naxx & you're defence capped already, which is essential ofc.

I agree with Hobbo on your talents, & would be incined to say that "Nerves of Cold Steel" is a must on any dual wield build. I'd also suggest you take improved icy talons for the group buff that it brings.

We do have a rather large amount of tanks at the moment though, so I'm not sure we will have room. Final decision will come from Pesmerga/Elza. Good luck Smile

"Just as something can be right, but useless at the same time, can something be wrong... but priceless?"
You have made a really nice application, and made a good impression, and your gear and spec looks nice, as the other two pointed out, odd tweak wouldn't go amiss.

However, I am really sorry to say we will have to decline your application, we are in a position where we cannot take anymore tanks. We currently number 2-3 warrior, 1 DK, 1 Pala and 1 Druid. Some of these sometime spec around to fit in when needed, so couldn't take another on.

Good luck in the future.
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